About Us

Considering beginning counseling services or psychotherapy is a very personal decision. Finding the right psychotherapist to work with is the first step on your path. Although it often seems that we should be able to handle or solve our situations or issues on our own by talking with our close friends or family about our very personal lives, reaching out is actually positive. You are empowering yourself. You know your life better than anyone else. We are honored to be invited to join you, trusted to witness your journey with compassion and care, enhancing your life with skills, tools, and insights.

Our Therapists

Amy Klein Zeff, MA, LMFT
Sean Roth, MA, IMFT

If you are wanting more information or are wanting to begin counseling please feel free to call directly at  818-591-8669 or go to our Contact and Scheduling page.

Welcome, we look forward to listening
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