Sean Roth, MA, IMFT

Feelings of isolation, fear, sadness, internal conflict, and suffering are inherent aspects of the human condition, which each one of us has to learn to live with, yet most of us have not been taught how to. In fact, these very normal and natural experiences are usually rejected in our culture and labeled as destructive and negative, instead of being appreciated and seen as essential "symptoms" for our personal development. My goal in therapy is to create a warm, empathic and trusting relationship with the people I work with, in order to facilitate self expression and integration.

I am a marriage and family therapist intern. I have earned two bachelor degrees in psychology and philosophy from California State University Northridge and hold a Masters degree in psychology from Pepperdine University. I work from an existential, transpersonal, and relational/Gestalt orientation.

My other career is in the tattoo and piercing industry, where I work with young adults on a daily basis. This has helped me develop a good understanding of where many young adults are coming from and an ability to relate to them in an authentic manner.

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