Email Therapy

Email therapy is conducted through the exchange of emails between you and me. You will receive therapeutic support and guidance without needing to be face-to-face. This type of psychotherapy provides a safe way to express thoughts and feelings, as all emails go through an encrypted HIPPA compliant entrance for confidentiality and safety. Writing emails gives individuals more time to compose their ideas and communicate them at their leisure. There is a time delay to consider, in that we both need a short amount of time to read each other's email and write back to one another.

Email therapy may benefit individuals who desire anonymity, desire or require more time to complete their thoughts and ideas prior to sharing them with others.

Sessions are billed based on the length of time required for reading your email and responding to your email.

Your are welcome to go to the Contact and Scheduling page on this site to submit an inquiry or to express a desire to begin exchanging emails. If you would like, you are always welcome to call me at 818-591-8669 with questions or to let me know that you would like to begin email counseling. 

Welcome, we look forward to listening
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