Video Chat Therapy

Using video chat we have the opportunity to have a session, somewhat like using Skype or Facetime, in real time. You have the advantage of being somewhere comfortable, without the need to travel.

By using a webcam, or a computer that has a built in camera, you and I are able to see one another, thus body language, facial expression, and vocal expressions are not lost. We use a HIPPA compliant video chat system; your confidentiality is our priority. Just like a session that is done in the office, we agree upon a time prior to your session. Sessions are normally 50 minutes long. If this is your first time doing a video chat session you might want to schedule a little more time than the usual 50 minutes just in case technical difficulties are encountered.

Video chat sessions may benefit those who travel frequently, have difficulty with transportation, individuals who live in remote rural areas, or those who may find leaving their home a challenge.

If you are wanting more information or are wanting to begin counseling please feel free to call directly at 818-591-8669 or go to our Contact and Scheduling page.

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